Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dessert Adventure: Famous Cupcakes! in Beverly Hills

Famous Cupcakes have to be THE best so far.
Kind of a bold statement, since I haven't tried EVERY single place..BUT, out of the most of the popular places for this famous dessert craze, this is the best.  Red Velvet is a must have, the chocolate flavor in it is much more pungent then others!  They also offer coffee and other desserts, but what I found interesting was the "take home" in the tube cupcake mixes.  These cupcake are fairly large, when you compare to the others. Amazing ratios when you eat the the cream cheese frosting, not too sweet. If your around that area, it's definitely worth a try!! Also, the taste reminds me of Georgetown Cupcake in DC, except they're larger :)
168 South Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3003
(310) 248-2727

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