Monday, July 18, 2011

Ike's Place - San Francisco!!!

On our journey through San Francisco we made a stop at the acclaimed Ike's Place.  Without doing any previous foodie 'research' I went up the counter and asked, as any normal person would ask, what the most popular sandwich was.  So my sister and I split the Dutch Crunch with 'dirty sauce' and the Menage a Trois also with 'dirty sauce'. And I could see why this place is so amazing.  I have never tasted a sandwich quite like this, especially from a restaurant place. The details in the sandwich are soo apparent, every single thing in the sandwich definitely complimented each other.

        Dutch Crunch

The dutch crunch has a sweet savory flavor to it, and the dirty sauce brings it over the edge.  It was really amazing, it was almost like bbq sauce and buttery.  The sandwich was definitely super rich.  

  Menage a Trois
Definitely the healthier of the two but also amazing.  They put a lot of avocado, and roast beef.  Overall, the size of the sandwiches are huge and the bread is perfectly toasted. This place is such a staple, its a shame they don't have it in Southern Cali :( . But all is worth it in the end. :D


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