Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Eats: Dragon Fruit or "Pitahaya fruit"

Here is the first of many "Quick Eats" which are small little posts of food I love.
Dragon Fruit has to be one of my favorite fruits!  It has the texture of kiwi and a subtle sweetness PLUS its PINK!  Depending on the color of the flesh (white and pink) the pinker; the sweeter!  They are usually available in Asian grocery stores, or specialty foods store.  I've also noticed that the longer you let it ripe the sweeter it gets.  If you ever come across a funny looking pink oval with green spikes while at the grocery store don't be a afraid get it a try it out!!

How to cut:  Slice the fruit from the top to the bottom, then cut the fruit into little slices (kind of like cutting a orange.)      

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