Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marnee Thai Restaurant!! - San Francisco!

In my recent trip to San Francisco, my sister and I made the rounds to as many 'foodie' places we get to.  For lunch we stopped by at Marnee Thai Restaurant!! They're famous for a award winning Pad Thai dish and I was so excited to try it!!  The location was relativity easy to find, and the cost wasn't too bad for lunch.

I got the tofu Pad Thai and my sister got the chicken Pad Thai.  They give you a generous portion, probably enough to feed two people with a moderate appetite.  But, when I took the first bite I could really see why this was a award winning dish.  I've tried A LOT of pad thai dishes all across Southern California, and it's probably one of my go-to dishes at any Thai restaurant.  But when I had this dish, it had a very distinct bump of flavor than the rest.  Other pad thai's are usually mono-tone; just between sweet and sour.  This however, jumped out at you.  The flavor was in every part of the dish, in every bite and EVEN in the noodles!

This place is def worth a try if your a thai food connoisseur!      

WoOo..noddle close up!

2225 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 665-9500

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